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Analysis of Change- Intercultural Design Exchange Germany and Japan - Approaching the Question of Future Living

Heide Imai, Anthusa Loeffler

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Scientific paper

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Degrowth Conference Leipzig 2014


Abstract: This is the topic this paper wants to discuss in the context of Tokyo, which is characterized by Roland Barthes as a city without a center. After the enormous growth in the second half of the twentieth century of Tokyo, we have to discuss the De-growth and the chance for future living at different examples found in Japan and Germany. In summary, this paper focuses on the question in which way can we transform the shrinking city for a better life, with more community space and less marginalization? The young generation of architects who concentrate on issues of social integration as an integral element of architectural processes are focusing on the connections of gardens and dwelling spaces, the integration of the surroundings into the architecture and the constant interaction of exterior and interior.
Keywords: Future Living, Japan, Germany, Cultural Diversity and Design Approach

This media entry was a contribution to the special session "Less is more (space) - changing regions in Japan and Germany" at the 4th International Degrowth Conference in Leipzig in 2014.

There is no paper for this media entry. This was a contribution to a scientific session at the 4th International Degrowth Conference in Leipzig in 2014, which doesn't exist in written format or is not published under open access.

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