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Europe today confronts two crises. The first is an economic crisis, with rising levels of poverty, insecurity, and homelessness across the continent. The second is a climate and environmental crisis, with severe consequences for Europe’s front-line communities and even more perilous ones on the horizon. Both crises are the products of Europe’s political decisions, and they are closely bound together. The promotion of extractive growth has driven environmental breakdown, and the devotion to budget austerity has constrained Europe’s response to it. A radically new approach is necessary to reverse this destructive trend — and to deliver environmental justice in Europe and around the world. We call this approach the Green New Deal for Europe, and the following report is the first attempt to present a pragmatic and comprehensive policy package that lives up to its core principles. The Green New Deal for Europe comprises three distinct institutions. The Green Public Works (GPW) is an historic investment programme to kickstart Europe’s just transition. The Environmental Union (EnU) is a package of regulations to align EU policy with the scientific consensus, enshrining the principles of sustainability and solidarity in European law. And the Environmental Justice Commission (EJC) an independent body to research, monitor, and advise EU policymakers on how to advance the cause of environmental justice.


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