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In 2022, art collectives and curators of documenta15 restructured the practice of producing and presenting art: away from classicism and economical individualism towards a culture of commoning knowledge, sufficiency and embodied community. Is documenta15 thus a degrowth art event? Yes, to some extent. The way it failed demonstrates an important lesson for the degrowth movement.

Culture • 27.01.2022

Sustainable Hedonism: Paradox or Pathway?


By: Orsolya Lelkes

The notion of sustainable hedonism appears at first to be a provocation. Is it a paradox? Is it just more greenwashing nonsense? It is meant to puzzle, to perplex, and to propel. Sustainable Hedonism. A Thriving Life that Does Not Cost the Earth is a call to reflect on our beliefs and actions related to pleasure, joy and ecological sustainability.

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